No Hype…
Just Passion and Experience.

That’s why they record at IMP Studios. Gospel to metal, local bands to living legends, musicians, voiceover artists and videographers come to IMP for the sound, the expertise, and the commitment. Every artist, every song, every note is crafted to bring out it’s best. Our engineers won’t have it any other way—for 25 years and counting.

The Right Gear Used Right

Digital power with analog feel in a creative space. That’s how we told the design team to build the studio. And they delivered. Our impeccably engineered recording space provides an acoustically balanced canvas to bring your vision to life. From drums that rock to the crystalline clarity of our Yamaha G-1 baby grand piano, the room works flawlessly.

After building our control room, we brought in Sam Berkow, designer of JBL Smart Software—the industry-leading acoustic measurement and sound-system optimization package—to tweak the listening environment. After the final alterations, Sam insisted that IMP Studios had one of the best imaging control rooms in the Northeast. Our clients have been agreeing ever since.

Great space. Great gear. Neumann and Telefunken microphones, Avid and Apogee hardware and a Euphonix digitally controlled analog console are typical of the gear you’ll work with.

And our engineers make sure that great music sounds great.